Arjuna Dental
Dental clinic coordinated by Japanese dentist (Ph.D)
No. 85 Jl. Tukad Bilok, Renon, Denpasar
For appointments, call Notel: 0361-229-890
We opened Arjuna Dental Clinic in 2004 in order to provide appropriate dental treatment for foreign residents of Bali. It is also the place for Indonesian dentists to study the Japanese system of dental treatment and related ideas so that they will be able to give back to the local community what they have learned.
We have English and Japanese speaking assistants. So please feel free to contact us.
Chief Director Tsubai Takayoshi

1. Reasonable pricing system

We have researched the fees of dental clinics in Bali and have set a reasonable pricing system. For example:
first visit charge, Rp.150,000 including X-ray examination
from the second visit onwards, Rp.90,000 per visit
metal crowning, from Rp.1,400,000
ceramic crowning, from Rp.2,000,000

2. We will explain full details of your treatment

To help you better understand the details of our treatment, we will first examine your mouth using a camera especially developed for this purpose. We will then explain the necessary treatment and associated procedures along with the estimated charges. Also, after every visit we will make sure to explain what has just been done.

3 Treatment with focus on aesthetic quality and prevention

Teeth cleaning, including removal of stains and prevention of tooth decay as well as pyorrhea are what we are focused on. Our clinic is especially for those who think there is no problem with their teeth. We also apply fluoride to prevent tooth decay among children. We provide a teeth whitening kit that you can use at home. Please visit us for details.

4 Appointment system

There is no waiting at our clinic. Call us first and make an appointment. Privacy is assured. Anyone accompanying the patient can wait in the consultation room away from other patients.